German Shepherd Afraid Of Wooden Floor Has The Perfect Solution

7 years ago

We all have our irrational fears; some of us more than others. It is those irrational fears that can leave us crippled on the spot, unable to move or do anything to change our situation.

It may come as a surprise (or maybe not so much), but animals can experience irrational fears, just like us humans. They can be afraid of the dark, heights, bugs or critters. It is our job to make sure they overcome their fears and experience life to the fullest.

Witness this German Shepherd's epic attempt to make it down the hallway without slipping. His owner keeps calling him from the end of the hallway, inviting him to join her, but Sam hides behind the corner and whines. It seems like he sees the floor as hot lava or something! He would approach the hallway and immediately walk back, the poor thing.

It isn't until his other owner comes and asks Sam to join him that he decides to cross the distance. What Sam does at the end is just hilarious!

Apparently, this is not a unique occurrence. Many dogs can experience fear, or rather discomfort, when walking of hardwood floors, as they reach old age. Some don't like the lack of control on smooth floors and would rather prefer walking on the carpets. Especially if they have hip or joint problems, or if their nails are too long and the clicking on the hard wood floors annoys them.

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