Marine Surprises Mom After Being Away For Over A Year

Published December 28, 2016 61,384 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesDoing military service for your country can be a lot of hard work. The job is not just physically demanding, but it is also very emotionally demanding as you sometimes have to be away from loved ones for a very long time. However hard and sad this might be, there is no other moment like seeing that loved one after a long time away from them. They are such heartwarming moments that people are now starting to capture those moments on video and putting them on the internet. That seems to be exactly the case in this amazing and touching video right here!

A marine surprises his mom at her work after being away at training for a year and 15 days! He surprises her at her work, only to catch her off guard and completly surprised. She screams in joy and runs to her son's arms only to be followed by a long embrace. What and amazing moment!

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