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Published: December 23, 2016

As the drama continues for Blac Chyna and Rob, Tyga, Chyna’s ex, is getting involved. He feels their relationship is bad for his and Chyna’s 4 year old son, King Cairo. And here’s the thing. Tyga is hoping to get full custody of the toddler, saying his son is not in a stable environment with Chyna and Rob. The biggest concern Tyga has stems from Chyna and Rob’s HUGE blowup fight this weekend. Chyna reportedly was so drunk, she began physically punching her fiance Rob, and Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble had to physically remove her off him. Though King was not present at that time, sources say he has been around for other intense fights between the couple. “King must have witnessed Chyna and Rob yelling at each other at one point,” a source told Us Weekly. “He has his action figures in his hands the other day, playing with them as he normally does, but he was yelling and screaming in different voices.” This reportedly concerns Tyga. I mean, he doesn’t want his son witnessing his mom fighting. Not to mention physically fighting. So Tyga is taking action. Tyga is now planning a meeting with his ex to discuss King’s well-being. He hasn’t mentioned custody yet, but that’s certainly an option. When Tyga and Chyna first broke up, they fought in court over custody of their son in a nasty battle that ended in custody going to Chyna with Tyga getting visitations. And earlier this year, Tyga AGAIN brought Chyna to court for custody. This was back in April when Chyna was arrested for pubic intoxication and possession. He did not win that battle. But it’s hard to argue that a home life with Rob and Chyna would be better than a home life with Tyga and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner - who has practically become a stepmother to the boy. Kylie is constantly showing videos of King and this kid looks so happy! Running, playing, laughing with Kylie, looking like a devoted mother. Could she be ready to be a step mom full time if Tyga gets custody of King? What do you think? Is Tyga even going to take it that far? Do you think he should? You let me know in the comments below.

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