6 years ago

Turtle Helps Buddy Escape The Confines Of Their Tub

Legends goes that there are still people on this planet who think that animals are mindless creatures just because we can’t understand them. They are the mute companions that people hold to keep things interesting, but in the end they don’t hold them as equals. Dogs and cats have proven themselves to be much more than just creatures that beg for a scratch and kibble, but what you are about to see goes a few steps further, showing that even the tiniest of animals that seem to never make a sound actually know more about what is around them than they let on.

Someone captured their two baby turtles stowed away in a tub, probably for maintenance reasons, tried to break free from the shallow vessel. The smaller one keeps poking its head up, but with the sides on the dish being slippery from the water, it can’t climb up. The bigger one comes running to its aid, nudging itself under the buddy, so that the little guy can break free from the confines of the tub and roam around freely.

Seeing that tiny turtle stretch its neck like it is the last thing it will ever do made us think of all the struggles we abandoned midway because it became too hard. If anything can teach us about perseverance, it is the members of the animal kingdom!

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