Two-Year-Old Cliffhanger Started Climbing Before Walking

Published December 23, 2016 17,559 Plays

Rumble Fearless toddler Ellie Farmer proves that age is nothing but a number as she scales high walls despite being only two years old. This talented, sweet little girl from Flagstaff, Arizona, regularly climbs at the gym with her parents without the use of a harness or safety ropes and she even has a climbing wall in her own room.

Her parents Zak and Rachael call her their ‘little zen monkey’ because Ellie began climbing before she could walk and would frequently escape from her crib as a baby. Parents decided to film Ellie climb just to show it to their friends and family, but the footage went viral and even ended up on the Ellen show.

Ellie gets her love of climbing from her parents who are both competitive climbers, her mother continued climbing while she was pregnant with Ellie.

Parents are often criticised for allowing Ellie to participate in this dangerous activity, but actually they worry about Ellie on the playground more than they do on the climbing wall, because there are safety nets and big crash mats and their eyes are constantly on her.

Perhaps as she gets older she will start competing in the USA Climbing series and attempt to qualify for youth nationals, and would be great to see Ellie follow her parents’ footsteps as a competitive climber. Whatever she decides to be, their proud parents will give her unconditional support to follow her dreams.

Videographer / director: Matthew Corbisiero
Producer: Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal, Kyle Waters