Luna enjoying her Christmas Puppucino 🤗

LunatheunidogPublished: December 22, 2016Updated: December 23, 2016387 views
Published: December 22, 2016Updated: December 23, 2016

Luna the Unicorn dog (Follow Luna's adventures on Instagram 👉🏻 @lunatheunidog 🦄🐶) enjoying her Christmas Puppucino 🤗 😋 ☕️
We always have heard about Puppucinos and we see videos of dogs having them all over the Web but... When we ask about it around here in Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 people look at us with a puzzled face and I am sure they wonder if we are crazy or just silly lol
So now we give Luna homemade Puppucinos and everyone is happy! She loves it and she is having Puppucinos this Christmas as a special treat 🦄🐶
Maybe you are wondering what kind of dog? We heard this question everyday several times! Actually, ALL THE TIME!! Luna is a rescue from California and we didn't know at first. She was at a high killer shelter and was rescued by Thank God I am Out and flied from California to an airport close to the Canadian border and Wings of Rescue brought more than one hundred dogs that day.
We got tired of not knowing her breed so we made a DNA test and the results are: Siberian Husky Boston terrier and 1% malamute 😆
She is very white and has different colored eyes 👁 👁 One blue eye and one brown eye! And short legs so she looks a bit like a corgi. The cutest dog, in my humble opinion of proud dog mom lol We have two cats as well (one Brazilian and one Canadian) and it's crazy : the pets chase each other all the time!
Luna is very sweet and totally nuts, so unique dog that's why we call her a unicorn dog 🦄 🐶

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