Get Ready For A Game Of 'Poop The Potato'

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Published: December 22, 2016

Having Christmas party every year becomes boring after a while. That is the moment when you need to invent something interesting so everybody in your home can have fun. Some families have tradition playing funny games that bring them joy and laughter.

This family had had enough of the boring games they have played before, so they came up with the idea of playing the game called “Poop The Potato”. The object of the game is each team member to hobble down to their bucket and drop the potato into it. They may not use their hands except to reposition the potato between their legs and only if it is about to fall. The first team to "poop" all their potatoes in their bucket wins.

"Every year we host a party with friends before Christmas. I am always looking for new games to play because this is a fun bunch. This year we sank to a new low with the “Poop The Potato” game" wrote the organizer of this hilarious party.

If lack on laughter, then this game is all you need. Bring all your friends and family and watch them doing funny postures while carrying the potatoes between their legs. It will bring the smile back on your face.

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