Gender Neutral Parenting: Why Shouldn’t Our Sons Wear Dresses?

Published December 22, 2016 197,088 Views

Rumble A COUPLE who allow their twin boys to wear dresses and play with dolls say their relaxed parenting will make their sons better fathers. Gabriella and Joe Haughton-Malik allow their five-year-old twins, Caleb and Kai, to make their own decisions when it comes to dressing up and choosing their toys. And as well as toy guns, cars and lego, the excitable twins also love princess dresses, dolls houses and playing hairdressers. As well as playing dress up, Kai and Caleb also enjoy playing with each other’s hair and having their nails done. And rather than rebuke such ‘feminine’ behaviour, Gabriella, 33, and Joe, 34, encourage their sons to be creative and express all sides of their personality without restriction.

Videographer / director: Thomas White
Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas