This Mom Beat Cancer Twice And Became A Bounty Hunter

BarcroftTVPublished: December 21, 201625,967 views
Published: December 21, 2016

A mother-of-four who overcame cancer is now hunting America’s most dangerous criminals - to pay off an $800,000 medical debt. Former waitress Shanda Zapata, 35, from Denver, Colorado, turned to bounty hunting three years ago after overcoming the killer disease for the second time.

The self-confessed soccer mom spends her spare hours capturing fearsome fugitives, including members of motorcycle gangs and the Mexican Mafia. But with 10 percent of $1m bounties on offer - the risk is worth the reward.

“I have been shot at, lunged at with a knife, attacked by pit bulls and even had drug dealers throw needles at me like darts,” the 35-year-old told Barcroft Media. “You never know what is going to be behind that door when you kick it down. Every day could be your last.”

Her biggest haul so far was a 10 percent cut off a $200,000 bond for a child murderer. Shanda has a stockpile of crime-fighting gear that includes two assault rifles, a Smith & Wesson pistol with a custom grip and Kevlar vests — as well as training in various martial arts to help take down fugitives.

She also uses her natural beauty — and her surgically enhanced breasts — to lure bad guys.
“Once in a while, I get to dress up and meet somebody in a bar or a hotel and have a few drinks,” Zapata said. “Then once they are outside, we will take them down. It’s pretty satisfying.”

“I chose this job because I get to help people and sort of be a badass.”

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