Deer Locked Together on the Republican River in Nebraska

ViralHogPublished: December 20, 201622,006 plays$37.04 earned
Published: December 20, 2016

Occurred on December 2, 2012 / Furnas County, Nebraska, USA

Info from Licensor: "My husband, Todd was doing cattle chores on a Sunday morning and he saw something in the river. He drove over to it and saw that it was two bucks locked up. He noticed that one was dead so he drug it out of the river because he was afraid the live one was going to drown. The live one was visibly exhausted and was having a hard time keeping his head out of the water. He called me and told me to come out. Todd had already called the game warden to see what could be done. George, the warden, came with ropes and a gun. George spent a short time circling the pair and decided that there was one tine locking the bucks together. So, he shot the tine and set the buck free."

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