Herman The Scaredy Cat’s First Christmas: CUTE AS FLUFF

BarcroftAnimalsPublished: December 20, 20165 views
Published: December 20, 2016

IT’S Herman The Scaredy Cat’s first Christmas - and he couldn’t look more grumpy about it. Earlier this year the ultimate scaredy cat stole the hearts of many around the world with his unique facial expressions. Herman, an exotic shorthair, was born with exceptionally big eyes - giving him a permanently startled expression. When he was younger, the kitten’s bulbous eyes were so big that he couldn’t close his eyelids - even when he was sleeping. And dressed as an elf, the fearful feline resembles the Grinch.

Videographer / director: Shirley Nordenskiold
Producer: Shannon Lane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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