World Record: Tightest Ever 360 Degree Spin Performed By Driver

BarcroftCarsPublished: December 20, 2016823 views
Published: December 20, 2016

A FEARLESS stunt driver squeezes his way into the record books by executing the world’s tightest ever 360 degree spin. Petrolhead Alastair Moffatt travelled at a speed of roughy 30mph down a narrow lane of cars. The professional stunt driver, of Stunt Drive UK, spun his Subaru BRZ 360 degrees then accelerated to the end of the course - all in one continuous motion. Alastair's car was slightly over 4m long and the gap allowed for just 2.25m of clearance for him to complete the stunt - smashing the previous record of 2.5m.  

Videographer / Director: John Robertston
Producer: Tom Gillespie, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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