Hairstyle Dog: Fashionable Pooch Becomes Instagram Sensation

Published December 20, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble SPORTING everything from plaits to flower crowns and messy buns, this Japanese dog's hairstyles put the average It Girl to shame. Kuma, a Shih Tzu and Pekingese cross, has racked up more than 18,500 followers on her Instagram page which showcases her luscious locks. Owner Yuki said: “I do Kuma’s hair on my own, it’s an original style. I get inspiration for the hairstyles from the internet.  "I originally saw a picture of a western model and I liked her hair so I just copied the style." Yuki’s Instagram account is completely dedicated to her furry friend - and the pup is an absolute natural in front of the camera. 

Videographer / Director: Damon Coulter
Producer: Crystal Chung, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips, Sonia Estal