Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

BarcroftAnimalsPublished: December 19, 2016431 views
Published: December 19, 2016

HAVING already flipped one lion, a never-say-die buffalo found an ingenious way to shake off its second attacker - by using its horns to puncture a car tyre. The resulting loud release of air was enough to scare away the big cat, forcing it to release its vice-like grip and flee. The buffalo was targeted by a pair of male lions but had already managed to dispatch the first one by flipping him into the air with its horns, leaving the lion with a gaping leg wound. The dramatic scene unfolded in front of cars full of tourists in Kruger National Park, South Africa - where it was caught on video by Hannes van Aswegen and photographed by Gerda Niemann. 

Videographer / director: Greatstock
Producer: Jack Flanagan, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips, Joshua Douglas

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