Heroic Miners Save Baby Bull Elephant From Drowning In A Well

Published December 19, 2016 34,706 Plays

Rumble Sometimes life can change in the blink of an eye and lead us on a path we’ve never expected it would go on. We never know whether the next curve on the road leads us to success or total damnation. This small elephant babe is the prime example of it.

A baby bull elephant has been rescued after falling into a well at a copper mine. It is not known how long the youngun was trapped inside the well, but marks other elephants helping him were visible around the small well.

Video footage shows staff at the Phalaborwa Copper mine in South Africa’s Limpopo Province frantically pull the calf out of a small dam of water on February 16. They are struggling to remove the distressed animal because he keeps on slipping and the rescuers have to think of their safety as well if they want to manage to save him.

The visibly stressed elephant is eventually pulled out of the well by the heroic staff members. It is believed the calf may have fallen into the well and been left by its herd after it couldn’t escape. The rescuers showed it to other elephant herds in the area, but none of them seemed to recognize him. Because of this, he was taken to a local shelter and nursed to health. His future is still uncertain because the helpers aren’t sure how such a stressful ordeal may influence him. After all, he is still a young baby.

The young calf fell into an outflow trap and would have drowned without the incredible strength of the two men who pulled the 250lb creature to safety. Gripping video footage shows the workers Johan Bezuidenhout and Quenton du Plessis using their brute force to help the youngster who was trying to quench his thirst in the fierce drought that has stricken South Africa’s wildlife.

The elephant has been called Amanzi – water in the Zulu dialect – and is as of now appearing of getting over his close drowning problem and ensuing outcast from the crowd. Elephants Alive has uncovered Amanzi's story, South African philanthropy set up to ensure the planet's most significant land warm-blooded creatures and their natural surroundings just as advancing amicable conjunction between the animals and people.

Fears that Amanzi probably won't get by in the extreme warmth have just been alleviated, and he has bewildered his carers who are nourishing him in shifts like clockwork. A spokesman for Elephants Alive said: “We are so proud to announce that he is a very bright little elephant.

"With your prayers, we hold the faith that little Amanzi will not only become another success story, but like the ‘water,’ which is his name in Zulu, he becomes a symbol of hope.

“We also believe that he has the potential to become a national a symbol of hope for our land which is currently caught in the grips of a terrible drought. "Water is life and hope. Like Amanzi, we all depend on drops of mercy to keep us going.”

Videographer / director: HESC
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas, Ian Phillips


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    Praying he survives and lives to a happy, ripe old age!! So sad the herd didn't accept him back into the herd. :'(

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