Bride And Groom's First Dance Turns Into Lightsaber Battle

7 years ago

In the age of viral videos, “surprise” first dances are no longer very surprising. But that doesn’t mean your only other option is to stick with a traditional first dance for your wedding. Wedding season is starting but also Star Wars season is swinging into high apparatus! At a wedding, the first wedding dance ordinarily becomes the dominant focal point!

George Lucas' Star Wars adventure might be the most well-known type of media in this cosmic system. With a gigantic being a fan and tremendously populated world, there are such a large number of stories that can be told in the Stars Wars universe. In the world, there are a lot of people who are fans of Star Wars. Some people love to watch the movies till they remember all the details and words from the movies, some people love to collect Star Wars items and some people are more creative and make their wedding dance a theme Star Wars dance with lightsabers.

This incredible couple who are probably big fans of Star Wars managed to make their first dance the most incredible and most creative first dance that we have ever seen! And guess what? We are really surprised this time! First things first let's be honest. There is nothing better than a humorous first dance. Of course, there's nothing wrong with the traditional minute and a half of slow dancing, but we just always get a kick out of the first dances that aren't so ordinary!

So how to make a unique wedding dance and also show your love for Star Wars? It’s simple! You use the most powerful weapon in the whole universe- A lightsaber! A husband steps on his wife's foot during their first dance. She surprises the guests when she whips out a lightsaber and goes dark side on him! This lightsaber fight is almost as epic as when Luke dueled Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back! The Internet says the Force is certainly with them as the clip has gone absolutely viral.

The lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi, a rich weapon of a more enlightened age. It can be utilized to slice through impact entryways or adversaries alike. Utilizing the Force, a Jedi can anticipate and avoid approaching blaster jolts, and reflect them. Although the use of the lightsaber is the mark of a Jedi, it is also used by their sworn enemies and we can see in this video who is the enemy and who belongs to the dark side!

However, the force is always stronger than the dark side! Despite the theatrics, the duel between Jedi and Sith ended with a kiss and applause, also a lot of big smiles and surprised guests who were thrilled by this wedding dance.

A wedding dance that will be remembered in a galaxy far, far away and on the internet for years to come. We wish these newlyweds a long and Stars Wars-filled marriage. May all their fights are elaborately choreographed and involve lightsabers! What do you think of this creative first dance?

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