Dog Caught Jumping On Bed Makes Hilariously Guilty Face

Published December 16, 2016 2,604,651 Views

Dog and human relationships are evolving.Traditional boundaries are shifting. One of those changes? More and more folks film their dogs taking the joy of playing into their owners’ beds.

Remember when you were a kid and you jumped on the bed every time your parents left you alone in the house? This is basically the same thing, in dog form. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owner leaves them home alone. Not this one. A video of the delightful doggy disobedience captures the entire scene of Shelby, which isn't supposed to have a playful romp on the bed and she doesn’t have a clue that that her owner is home.

Like ants to syrup, there’s something about clean sheets, blankets and freshly made beds that seem to attract dogs and cats. Shelby is having so much fun and she loves ‘riding’ on the folded bed sheets. She throws herself from side side in such an ecstatic way that she can only steal smiles on our faces. Her perky behavior is really contagious and her exuberant charade of being in the mood, keeps the highest level of hedonism.

The sneaky Shelby seems like maybe she is scratching an itch, as the sheets create friction to effectively scratch the itch. She is playing adorably and all of a sudden none of that matters because she is caught red-handed. Knowing that she has done wrong, she casually lays down and covers her eyes with her adorable little paw. He guilt is written all over her face and not being able to look the owner straight in the eyes and face the music, Shelby completely conceals her face.

For all you dog lovers out there, you'll definitely mix in some awww’s with the laughter.

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