Take A Look At The 13 Times We Fought With Ice And Lost

Published December 15, 2016 38,376 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleIce can look nice, as it is sparkly and you can make lots of figures out of it. You can make ice cubes for your drink, you can make igloos, you can make anything you want; just use your imagination. Everyone seems to like ice, but apparently everyone forgets how slippery it can be and how many bruises it can cause. No matter how graceful you think you are, chances are that if you try to fight the slippery powers of ice, you're going to lose!

In case you needed any more convincing, just take a look at these thirteen people who picked a fight with ice and lost!

Hockey players are number one on this list. Maybe they know how to handle the hockey stick, but it’s for sure that they don’t know how the handle the slippery ice. Next you have the “ice challengers”, people who like to challenge the strength of ice by jumping over a thin layer of frozen water. We don’t know how they even imagine to win this fight….

Who can resist not to laugh to the people that slip on ice? It’s even funnier when they try to bring someone down with them as they slip and fall. They are so funny, so if you have a bad day, just look at them and all of a sudden, everything will look better.

And the animals? They think that they know everything, even what ice actually is and how it interacts with other stuff around it. But nope. Eating the ice ball or trying to get the tennis ball out of the frozen lake is a waste of time, but they don’t seem to have realized that.

Watch this video as it proves the strength of the mighty ice! It will make you laugh till tears…