A Generous Exotic Car Owner Makes Dreams Come True For This Young Cancer Survivor

Published December 15, 2016 6,690 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThis is a story of generosity, inspiration and making dreams come true.

Tom Garrett from Peterborough is a regular 28-year-old man. He is also an incredible youth who has battled cancer since his childhood like a real trooper. Tom serves as a real inspiration and is perhaps one of the strongest people you would ever meet. In his 28 years, he has faced more challenges than most people could imagine. Through it all, he has maintained his passion for life, fun and even fast cars.

When an extremely generous exotic carsi owner known in the car circles as "The Ghostrider" heard about Tom's love of cars, he made Tom's dream come true. He handed over the keys to this beautiful Lamborghini Hurracan for five days.

"It belongs to a man who prefers his real identity unknown and uses the nickname Ghostrider," Peterborough County OPP Const. David McNab, who knows Garrett from being a member of the Pedal for Hope police childhood cancer fundraising team, wrote on social media. "He thought Tom would enjoy having it for a few days."

Under the banners of the car rally group called “The North Face Rally”, for five days they drove around the city and countryside, testing and enjoying the immaculate futuristic-looking machine. They left no passers-by indifferent to the sight. Tom barely stopped smiling the whole time. This may be one of the most generous gifts you will ever witness.


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