These Cats Found A Way To Talk To Birds And It's Beyond Hilarious

Published December 14, 2016 47,873 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCats mimic chirping birds? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Why are they doing it? We can try to solve this mystery, but we may never really find out.

Here we have two cats that have probably done a decent job of rising to the expectations of their human family. You know, “You pet me, I put and latch my claws in your sweater,” or, “you move that red dot around the room, and I chase it.” There are many variations on cat behavior which, for a creature that popular wisdom thinks of as unpredictable, they sure can be predictable.

Here, these tabbies foil our ability to pigeon hole them, and do the unexpected. They hear birds on the other side of the glass chirping, so they try it. The birds are all too happy to teach them. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If it's not amazing enough that they do it, our cognition is further challenged by why they do it. Let's ponder the possibilities. One cat sways its tail back and forth in that agitated manner of cats on the hunt. Could it be they simply want to lure in the prey? Cats have an infamous reputation for hunting songbirds.

Another possibility might be that the felines just want to make friends. It may not be that far out of an idea, even though it would be wise to keep them separated, in the event their instincts overpower their curiosity (and contrary to the saying, it's not the cats that would be killed in this situation).

A more creative, but less realistic possibility is that the cats want to learn how to become a bird in just one afternoon. Cats are inquisitive creatures, attentive to every detail of their object of interest.

“To capture the bird, we must become the bird.” Hmmm... maybe.

Even after many millennia of cohabitation with us, how is it that we are never bored with cats? We think we know everything about them, and then, WHAM! They throw a curveball our way. The truth is, we don't really know what they're thinking. With a dog, it's a little bit simpler. Dogs pretty much think what they are doing. Cats, we can never be sure. They ignore all of our affections, and then out of the blue they can't stop rubbing themselves against us for some reason, purring madly, testing their damp noses or the corner of their lips against our arm.

Science tells us that the only reason our pet tabby doesn't make lunch out of us is because of our size advantage. That hurts, if true. You think you know a guy, and then this news comes along.

What of the birds? In many respects they have the advantage. With a plate glass window between them, they can taunt the cats fearlessly. Or, maybe they enjoy the company from afar. It's a tenuous relationship based not so much on trust as it is on a secure barrier. Let's hope it stays that way.