Wookie Husky

ViralHogPublished: December 14, 2016501,321 views
Published: December 14, 2016

Anyone a huge Star Wars fan? If you are, you're probably going enjoy this one little puppy in the litter. In this litter of husky puppies, there is one that howls just like a Wookie. Maybe they'll be an extra in the newest Star Wars movie! It is only fitting to name this little guy Chewbacca, lets hope the owner did so!

How cute is this little guy? Isn't he just adorable? Watch as he tries to howl, but cuteness ensues. Can't blame the little guy for trying! He'll get it one day!

Check out this adorable puppy that sounds like Chewbacca!

Occurred: December 10, 2016 / Izhevsk, Russia

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