Adorable 'Panda' Spreading Cheer At California Beach

Published December 14, 2016 40,916 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMascots usually play a part as symbols and motivators during a sports game or a promotion event. They are the ones to spread cheer and bring people enjoyable times along with creating great atmosphere. This guys can be dressed as any animal for that case and come in all different shapes and sizes. However their main goal is to bring happiness and cheer for the people present.

Huxley the panda-puppy dog heads to the beach for a frolic at sunset. He's a one year old, 4 lb black and white party Pomeranian and full of funny puppy enthusiasm. People often mistake him for a Papillon because of his black and white markings, but despite the orange color being a common Pomeranian color, we see black and white markings in many breeds of dogs. Pomeranian's have double coats and non fringed ears, which are concealed with his panda costume.

On this cool fall evening, the panda puppy enjoyed running along the beach, kissing strangers and watching the birds. (Don't worry, this was filmed quickly on a cool day at sunset. He smiles and pants when he is happy and excited to run and play.)

This lovely Panda sure knows how to do its job perfectly as its enthusiasm is through the roof as it runs around the beach. Take a look!