6 years ago

Impressive Tiny Toddler Gets Ready To Go Out All By Herself

This is very impressive! 22-month-old Millie likes to do things by herself, especially when she knows it's time to go out. It looks like Millie loves to dress in style with her nice coat too, so awesome! Most young kids have difficulty getting ready by themselves but Millie has no problem at all, she makes it look very easy! The first step for Millie is to put some shoes on, you can't go outside without any shoes so this step is very important!

Millie has no problem at all as she slips on each shoe, those velcro shoes are so nice, we all need to get a pair! After she has her shoes on, she has to put her jacket on. This looks like it is going to be difficult but Millie has no problem at all! She has the coat in front of her on the floor, places her hands in the sleeves and flips it over. The coat is now on, perfect! There is only one thing she is forgetting now, her bunny! She can't forget the bunny, that's the most important thing to have when she goes out!

Have you ever seen a toddler get ready all by themselves like Millie? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Check out this video of Millie getting ready all by herself!

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