Daniel Pluzhnikov has very small stature, but great artist and singer talent

VictorSosnovskyPublished: December 10, 2016Updated: December 13, 201617,507 views
Published: December 10, 2016Updated: December 13, 2016

Daniel Pluzhnikov was born January 26, 2003 in Sochi. Severe congenital disease prevented him grow up, and in 13 years his growth is 98 centimeters. But Daniel's heart is very kind, very positive attitude towards life and the unique talent of an artist and musician. For his 13 years he has already won over 25 awards
in various music competitions, and in 2016 he became the winner of the TV project "Voice of children - Russia". The video presents the performance of Daniel Pluzhnikov at the concert "Little legends of the big country" with the songs "Two eagle" (music and lyrics: Oleg Gazmanov) and "I am free" (Music: Valery Kipelov and Sergey Mavrin, lyrics: Margarita Pushkina). Russia, Saint-Petersburg theater "Music Hall", 10/08/2016.

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