Santa Is Squatting To Reach His Best Christmas Shape

Published December 8, 2016 3,347 Views $2.38 earned

Rumble Being Santa is not that easy as it seems. It’s true that every job is difficult in its own way, but doing Santa’s job is not a piece of cake. It means that you need to prepare throughout the whole year for just one night. You need to be in your best shape in order to be able to deliver all those presents to the kids that have been nice during past year. You also need to read the list of wishes that kids send you, find or build those gifts and then make the right route to deliver them the as fast as you can. So, having all this in mind, visiting the gym is probably a good idea.

This Santa obviously has taken this statement very seriously, so on November 29, 2016 he headed to the closest gym in Salem, Oregon, USA. Doing squats and lifting up 500 lbs at H&H Fitness is just the start of his tough fitness regime, because there are more exercises on his list. He seems so strong and fit, so hopefully this year he delivers more Christmas presents to the little children of the world.

Santa had all the best intention of hitting the gym, but he forgot about one thing - being seen! A lot of those kids who were waiting for their Christmas presents were there to see big old Saint Nick, dressed in his gym garb, knee and elbow pads on, squatting 10 plates at a time. And does he have a tattoo on his shoulder?!

Next time Santa, be more careful, because some little kid can reveal your big secret!