Goats Get Confused By Invisible Duck

AFVPublished: December 7, 2016162,174 views
Published: December 7, 2016

This man has got quite a talent for making duck calls that is very much on point. In fact, he's so good at his duck calls that he's got these goats confused as they search high and low for an invisible duck! The goats are willing to search high and low for a duck that doesn't exist!

In this hilarious shot, we see two goats grazing in a fenced yard and a man and a woman are standing outside the fence. It seems that the couple knows something about these goats, because we hear the woman encouraging the man to “do the duck". The man makes a duck call so believable, it almost got us fooled!

The goats, however, are truly convinced that there is a duck somewhere in the vicinity, because every time they hear the duck call, they raise their heads, like they are looking for the bird. When the man quacks the first time, the red goat stops dead it its tracks and looks around. There’s no duck here, so it lowers its head to graze, but then there is that duck again.

Every time the man quacks, the goats lift their heads and look around. It’s like magic! Eventually, the man starts quacking more and more often, leaving the goats in a searching frenzy. Where is that damn duck?

What a prank!

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