Texas Officer Buys Car Seats For Mom He Pulled Over

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Published: December 7, 2016

This footage is proof that police officers are human too and are not always thinking of just writing you a ticket!

When a police officer from Arlington, Texas pulled over a woman with two toddlers in the back, he noticed that the two young children weren’t strapped properly in their car seats. His first thought was to take enforcement action, but then remember that writing the young mother a ticket isn’t going to help her or solve her problems.

One of the seats was broken and the other was too small for the child. Instead, the officer pulled her outside of her car and showed her how to set them up and pull the straps so they fit the children snugly.

When officer Brandon Gilbert went home after that shift, the young woman was still on his mind. He knew that he didn’t do enough for the struggling mother, so he decided he can and should do more to help her.

The officer bought two new car seats for Alexis Jones’s children, as well as a box full of stuffed animals. When he and his fellow officer delivered the gifts to Alexis’s doorstep, the children recognized the good officer immediately, making for a very heartwarming reunion!

According to Safe Ride 4 Kids, as many as 84 percent of parents are using their child’s car seat incorrectly—which makes them 3.5 times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash.

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