Gibbons Tell Intrusive Rat He's Not Welcome In The Enclosure

Published December 6, 2016 463,553 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhat do you do when you see a rat? Do you grab your skirt and jump on the highest point inside your house, screaming at the top of your lungs for someone to come and rid you of your misery? Or do you grab your broom/shovel/other cold weapon of choice and go after the sneaking little bugger, letting him know that he shall not pass?

These gibbons definitely went the courageous way when they one very rude and intrusive rat in their enclosure at the Dudley ZOO in England. The lar gibbons went absolutely bananas when they saw the rodent casually nibbling on something in the grass. One of them was catching some sunshine, while the others were poking through the grass, but when the rat started moving, everyone went ballista on the rodent. One of the monkey did what every cartoon character would do in its situation - it took to the ropes to get the hell out of there!

“Hilarious lar gibbons are getting all panicky about the rat in their enclosure,” is written in the description of the original video. “Penny, the baby is trying to shoo the rat away with its long arms when his mom, Meo, comes to help and they both run the rat out of the enclosure.”

While the babies ran away, the mom took on a protective posture, as any mom would and darted after the rat to scare it away. Another gibbon joined forces, ultimately rushing the uninvited guest out.


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    Haha! Go away rat! that's funny

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