Giraffe Caught On Camera Drinking From Swimming Pool

Published December 6, 2016 1,430 Views

Rumble Nothing can ruin someone’s vacation like an uninvited guest dropping into their room and helping themselves to a drink. But when that someone is a wild giraffe, having a fresh drink of water from your hotel room pool, now that is something that you will probably never forget and for all the right reasons!

A couple got a shock when they returned to their hotel room to find a wild giraffe drinking from their swimming pool! Kali Sakai and her husband had booked a room for two at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa. When they came up from breakfast one morning, the sight they encountered was one of a kind. They spotted one very thirsty animal dipping its long neck into the elevated pool that was concealed by foliage.

Kali, 40, said: “When I looked out the window, my brain tried to makes sense of what I was seeing but it didn't quite compute initially. It just didn't seem real or even possible.”

“It was exhilarating. Even though I crawled to the window and was below the window line, when I stuck the camera up on the windowsill, the giraffe was a little startled. But it held its ground.”

“I peeked over and flashed a giant smile in hopes of reassuring it. It kept sticking its tongue out as it studied me. It was hilarious. Clearly it thought there was no danger as it bent back down and continued to drink. Our ranger later told us that they have seen this giraffe before in the chalet area.”

Giraffes can grow to five meters in height and are the world’s tallest creatures. With its long neck and towering legs, the animal had no difficulty reaching the pool for a drink.