Cage Diver Has Close Encounter With Fearsome Great White Shark

Published December 6, 2016 8,432 Views

Rumble It is the moment everyone who goes diving fears of! One ferocious beast of the deep goes straight for the divers and leaves with a sore head - from bumping into their cage.

Jeremy Stewart was on a holiday in Gansbaai, South Africa, which is the epicenter for all things shark related. It is the dream location of everyone who would like to take a dive with the great white sharks. The Canadian was apparently one of these folks, and he chose to plunge in the waters of Gansbaai, which is also ominously knows as ‘Shark Alley’.

But the Vancouver native was left awestruck when the 10 foot Great White lunged for the bait his tour used and missed, slamming into the protective caging instead! Jeremy said: “I was pretty confident the cage would protect us and the shark didn't seem interested in us. It was just going after the bait. For the most part I was calm, it was amazing to see these awesome creatures in the wild.

“However the moment when it hit the cage I got to feel its incredible power. For that second I don't know what I was thinking I just wanted to get out of the way. You're pretty safe as long as you keep all your limbs inside the cage. But you forget all that when its swimming right at you with its huge jaws of serrated teeth.”

It must have been some encounter. But the 36-year-old admits that it did not dissuade him from going back into the water. In fact, the next day he went surfing to Jeffrey’s Bay, which is about a day’s ride down the coast from Gansbaai.

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