A Great White Shark Picks On Somebody His Own Size... Another Great White!

Published December 6, 2016 1,806,677 Plays

Rumble JAWS WARS! A vicious great white shark burst from the water to rip into another shark. The sensational moment was caught while Adam Malski, 33, was trying to study the species when the fish proved why it has the reputation of the ocean’s most fearsome predator. The 4.8m shark attacked the rival fish 50 miles from Australia’s shore. The larger Great White survived the encounter but the smaller shark has not been sighted since.

The smaller, juvenile shark was attempting to feed on some shark bait when the larger and older female came at it at the same time. The female snapped at the youngling, but instead of ripping a chunk, she spat it away before continuing with her feast.

The rare shot was captured on camera by photographer Jason Whittle in the Neptune Islands in South Australia. Whittle said: 'A smaller one came in to take the bait and without warning a bigger female charged in and opened up its mouth fully wide revealing its sharp teeth and caught the smaller shark in its mouth." He added: “It was definitely a warning not to jump the line and respect the elder, queen of the territory.' Watching these two sharks engage in fierce fighting gives us chills down the spine! How creepy is that! These predator animals going against one another is a real frights show to watch!

While Great White sharks are known to occasionally cannibalize their own, even their own siblings while inside the uterus during pregnancy, but it has rarely been caught on camera.

Sharks are one of the most feared carnivores in the sea. There are 365 species of sharks in the sea as we know today. All sharks are carnivores. Most of them eat live fish, including other sharks. Sharks can travel with great bursts of speed especially when attacking their prey or when excited. The fastest-swimming sharks have a moon-shaped tail that provides extra power and durability for swimming! Overall sharks are scary! And being close to two sharks fighting? Is even closer to a heart attack! Just take a look at this video!

He described the shark's reaction to his presence as "inquisitive" but "not aggressive." While Gilbert has since been seen in the waters around the island, nobody has gotten a quick look at the little one since the recorded assault.

Extraordinary white sharks, which can develop to 20 feet long and are the biggest savage fish on Earth, are thought to number under 10,000 around the globe and for the most part don't battle about nourishment, specialists say.

They are found in beachfront surface waters of all the world's significant seas. They achieve development at around 15 years old and can live as long as 70 years.

It's difficult to state how the assault ends, however, it would appear that the greater shark gets the high ground in the battle. Also, it is by all accounts chomping down as an afterthought, directly before the Pettoral balance, on the little shark.


  • postal67, 3 years ago

    Disgusting behavior by man! Throwing a piece of meat out and drawing behind the boat, the attacking shark miss's and hits the other shark. Doubt any one of the died because of man's interference.. They need to just throw the damn meat in the water instead of playing with one of the most beautiful marine creatures that we have.. Would have like to see the big one enter the boat from the back like in Jaws and eat them on board the same way.... Sharks probably swam off and shook fins and went and had a tuna together..

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    • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

      Sounds like you 'nailed it', mate.

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    • GabuChan, 1 year ago


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  • Anatomyscholar, 1 year ago

    This makes my heart hurt. That poor baby, realized it's mistake, it was immature and probably looking for opportunities to eat, when that small or juvenile, they are still perfecting hunting skills. What happened lead to its demise😭 I understand baiting is necessary for study, but this was a situation that could have been avoided, and cheering wasn't appropriate. There are less than 3,500 great whites in the world. As conservationists, they should have known better. They have technology on their boats that indicate what's in that water and size. That bait should have been pulled out. No excuse. Again I am disappointed

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