Cute Ninja Kitten Shows Doberman Pal Who’s The Boss

Published December 6, 2016 60,154 Views

Rumble This is the heartwarming video in which a curious kitten launches a surprise attack on a bemused dog in an adorable bid for attention. Cuteness overload!

Two-months-old kitten Sophie was found abandoned in a gas station restroom in British Columbia, Canada and was adopted by kind-hearted Jessica Manning. After meeting Jessica’s three-year-old Doberman, Bishop, the new arrival attempted to set a few ground rules. During the comical encounter, Bishop patiently endures Sophie’s paw-attacks and Jessica hopes that the pair will soon become best friends!

Watch as frisky feline Sophie paws at the dog's snout and quickly runs off before launching another attack. Customs officer Jessica Manning recorded this footage of her two pets Bishop, a three-year-old doberman, and two-month-old kitten Sophie in her home.

When Sophie was found abandoned in a gas station restroom near Jessica’s home, the kind girl, 30, and her boyfriend Ryan Onsowich, 31, decided to raise the kitty and give it a nice, warm home. When the couple decided to give this lovely kitty a home, they expected for some kind of rivalry to take place, but didn’t expect for the adult dog to be so patient with the little kitty!

Sometimes cats can be too bossy to handle, that is why some dogs are often afraid of cats, and they sure have a good reason for it. Cats are known for their wilderness and attacking skills, so dogs rarely take the risk to fight back. The owner in this funny video had a fun time recording her pets. The cute dog sits patiently while the small kitty tries to prove a point. The cat keeps using its tiny paws, slapping the dog in its face in a play-like manner. Such a rebellious behaviour!

Was little Sophie trying to engage in play mode or did she just try to show Bishop who is the boss?

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