These Ducks Love This Dog So Much, It Sometimes Hurts

Published December 6, 2016 16,730 Views

Rumble If you have ever been in love, even just once, then you will know the ultimate universal truth - love hurts. When people say it, they usually mean it metaphorically. But for one pooch in Germany, love literally hurts and there is practically nothing he can do about it.

These saucy birds go quackers for this <a href="" target="_blank">Labrador Retriever</a>, trying to mate with him at every opportunity! According to their owner, Ulrike Kersjes, 49, from Berlin, Germany, the four frisky male Indian runner ducks have developed an attraction to her shy pet pooch, who's named Miedoso.

Ulrike claims that the reason these four Casanovas have imprinted on poor, old Miedoso so much is because their hormones are running wild and there are no female Indian runner ducks near her home in Berlin. But hey, love knows no boundaries, right?

“It always looks like the four of them are putting their heads together to think up a plan," she says in the video. “While the first one observes the situation, the other three all begin to jump on the dog."

Initially Ulrike thought the dog might be the one to hurt the young ducklings, but as the birds grew she realized her dog was the one that needed protection from the ducks.

Unfortunately for the <a href="" target="_blank">ducks</a>, the dog does not share enough common DNA for them to mate and create a viable hybrid offspring. Still, what wouldn’t we do to see what a real life dird (dog + bird) would look like.

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