Paddle Boarder Gets Surprise Visit From Killer Whales

Published December 6, 2016 3,915 Views

Rumble A paddle boarder got a pleasant surprise when a killer whale mother and calf surfaced in front of him. Bruce Miller was paddling off Auckland's North Shore in New Zealand when the close encounter occurred. He then used a head-mounted camera to film underwater as they swam away.

Isn’t nature just amazing? Curiosity is a trait every living creature on this planet demonstrates, but the little ones express it the most. When you go for an adventure into nature, whether it is in the woods or the open ocean, you are bound to be greeted by Mother Nature’s curious creatures.

Standup paddle boarding is touted for its relaxing appeal, as you cruise around flat calm waters out in the open ocean. But for Bruce here, his day on the water brought something completely different!

The paddle boarder was out in clear, calm waters on a bright, sunny day, his GoPro camera strapped on his head when he saw the adult orca in the distance. Very soon afterwards, her calf came right under Bruce’s feet, exploring this creature outside of the water.

Unfazed by the animals’ sheer size and power, Bruce then unmounted his camera and submerged it underwater to get a closer look at his visitors. The ocean’s giants just glided away, blowing gusts of air through their blowholes as they continued on their path.