Cute Penguin Attempts To Swallow GoPro Camera

Published December 6, 2016 253 Plays

Rumble THIS Gentoo penguin clearly fancied a change from its usual fish-heavy diet. The inquisitive penguin virtually sprinted up to the GoPro and gave it a good pecking - before realising it was inedible and waddling away in search of tastier treats. The footage was captured on Cuverville Island in Antarctica, home to a large Gentoo penguin colony. The camera was left buried in the snow near a penguin highway by Alex Cowan, onboard geologist on the adventure tours vessel MS Expedition, which is owned and operated by G Adventures. The GoPro captured around 60 minutes of film, including this hilarious close encounter with a Gentoo. Cuverville Island, situated in the Errera Channel, is well-known for its large Gentoo colonies and abundant icebergs, while late in the year humpback whales are frequently seen feeding and breaching in the area.