Surfer's Paradise! 30 Mile Waves Hit River In Indonesia

BarcroftAdventurePublished: December 5, 201619 views
Published: December 5, 2016

IT'S a surfers paradise, the wave that can last for up to 30 miles. The Bono tidal bore - which surges down the river Kampar in a remote region of Indonesia - has become legendary in surfing circles. The challenging wave is said to travel around 10mph, but has been known to roll up to 30 miles upriver before breaking - helping some surfers ride waves for an hour straight. It means surfers have begun flocking to the area around full and new moons to make the most of the phenomenon. But the wave - created by a strong tide pushing up the river, against the current - isn't for the feint hearted. Crocodiles, pythons and boa constrictors are said to inhabit the river basin. But despite the potential dangers, unfazed riders packed a stretch of the Kampar river during November's Bono Bekudo cultural festival.

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