Cheetahs Chase Impala Antelope Into Tourist's Car On Safari

7 years ago

Amazing footage has emerged of an impala’s sensational escape from two hungry cheetahs, as the animal decided to leap into a car full of tourists in order to save its life! The terrified animal stared death in the face when an unexpected window of opportunity appeared. Tourist Samantha Pittendrigh, 20, filmed this moment through a passenger window on her mobile phone. The great escape took place in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

When you are in a hurry, any ride will do the trick, especially if that ride is an SUV, and you’re an impala antelope being chased by cheetahs in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Video shows the crafty impala being backed into a corner with no other options but to leap through the open window into a nearby vehicle, and by that avoid two angry cheetahs hunting for prey.

Watch as the two cheetahs chase a herd of panicked impala antelopes across a road, while shocked onlookers film the encounter from their car windows. Moments later, one impala, separated from the group, runs back the opposite direction with two cats in hot pursuit. Without a moment’s hesitation, the impala jumps inside the vehicle through the open window.

Can you imagine the terror of this poor impala when a couple of cheetahs make it their life mission to have it as their meal of the day! Video shows how strong the animal instinct for survival is and to what extent an animal can go to save itself from the hungry jungle cats by hitching a ride with the humans.

Videographer Samantha Pittendrigh recalls that she saw the impala jump out of the bushes and heard someone screaming ‘it is in the car, it is in the car,’, as people in other cars screamed ‘open the door, open the door.’ After its release, the impala is seen exiting the vehicle, unharmed!

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