Woman Fearlessly Dives With White Tip Shark

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Published: December 5, 2016

Most of us don't get the opportunity to do something as adventurous as these divers. Even if we did get the opportunity, a lot of us wouldn't be willing to swim in an open area with sharks. This takes a lot of guts. A groups of divers had an interesting sight at the end of their dive. Eight large reef sharks appeared and circled this group of divers. The sharks started getting curious and were slowly becoming aggressive. The sharks made several passes, inching closer and closer as time went on. Suddenly, one large shark came up from under the diver and bumped his snout into the diver's groin. That can be frightening, this shark is starting to get more comfortable with his surroundings.

The ocean houses many amazing creatures. One such creature is the Great White Sharks. As scary as they might be, they rarely attack humans and are actually relatively gentle creatures. They are valuable to the ecosystem of the ocean as they keep everything running smoothly. Have you ever wanted to see a Great White Shark up close before? Well it seems that the people in this clip saw one unexpectedly while going on a ocean outing!

It is the moment everyone who goes diving fears of! One ferocious beast of the deep goes straight for the divers and leaves with a sore head - from bumping into their cage. Starin into the eyes of a nine-foot shark is a sight most swimmers hope they will never see. But far from panicking, this fearless woman begins to DANCE. This is shark conservationist Julie Andersen, who believes her amazing interaction with the feared animals will highlight their plight across the world. Julie's latest encounter was with an oceanic white-tip off the coast of Cat Island in the Bahamas.

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