Adorable Puppy Tries To Climb The Stairs For The First Time

7 years ago

We have seen puppies trying to climb down the stairs and have trouble with it and we, silly humans, had a blast watching them. But there are only so few videos when we get to see the struggle the puppies face when they actually have to go UP the stairs.

Meet Charlotte the Corgi, born on April Fool's Day! She is no fool, though! Watch as she tackles the patio step then the step into the house! She never gives up, reminding us all that perseverance comes in all shapes and sizes and that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Charlotte is still just a tiny puppy, but since hers is a short breed with stubby little legs, climbing stairs can be a hassle, even with old age. The steps are your regular, run of the mill, normal steps, but not for our tiny Charlotte! When she sits on her butt, the step is up to her nose! Can you imagine the size?

Still, sweet Charlotte doesn’t lose hope that she will reach her darling owner, so she gives it a few tries. One big jump later, she has climbed the first step. Yay for Charlotte! Then, when the doorstep came along, it was a piece of cake for our heroine! All she had to do is toss her legs in one by one and she is finally reunited with her human. Hooray!

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