Vocal Husky Hilariously Denies Pooping On The Carpet

Published December 4, 2016 2,316,657 Views $2,083.12 earned

Owners train dogs to go outside when nature calls, but sometimes they have accidents. We do our best to take them out or walk them when we can, but there are times when you have to leave them home alone for many hours. This may be what happened with Zeus, the Husky.

This hilarious video perfectly depicts how to get away with poop accidents. Zeus tries to cover up his accident when his owner confronts him about the mess he made on the floor. Watch how he <a href="https://rumble.com/v31yob-spoiled-husky.html" target="_blank">cries and whines</a> over and over again, as mom scolds him for his bad behavior!

Do you think that Zeus is guilty? Watch how this stubborn dog reacts after being put on the spot for questioning. Zeus may not have been caught red handed, but mom sure found proof of his crime!

“Did you poop on the floor today?" mom asks Zeus while he howls in protest even if he is as guilty as one can be. Nonetheless he denies it all and goes for one long, <a href="https://rumble.com/v31tvi-stubborn-husky-arguing-that-its-walk-time.html" target="_blank">vocal argument with the owner</a>.

“Did you poop because you were mad or because it was truly an accident?" apparently Zeus is known to get back at mom by purposely going on the carpet!

This Husky saves the biggest reaction for the end when mom calls him a ‘bad dog’ and gives mom an earful. With his vocal talents, he could sing in the opera!

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