Mazing Chase Fun!!

WooFDriverPublished: December 2, 20161,416 views
Published: December 2, 2016

This is the WooFDriver version of Lure Coursing, designed for Huskies, by huskies, and with huskies!! I call this The Mazing Chase!! The dogs can do this all day at a pretty good speed.They just LOVE it!! They run anywhere from about 5 to 12 miles depending on the dog. I have gps collars on them to track their speed!! It took a lot of design and custom equipment to make this gig work constantly for over 3 hours sometimes!! I have vats of water always filled for the dogs to jump in and cool themselves down!! I also take them for a light jog usually in between running them to give some variety and let them chill some!! To learn more about me and what I do: Check me out at

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