Culture War | Guest: Chloe Cole | Detransition | Puberty Is Not Negotiable | Transgender Indoctrination | Medical Industrial Complex

4 months ago

Today, the moms welcome to the show Chloe Cole. Chloe is an 18 year old young woman who experienced common puberty issues along with undiagnosed autistic spectrum symptoms. Yet, after seeking psychiatric and medical assistance, she found herself thrust into the web of transgenderism that the physicians informed her was the only solution to her problems . This, sadly, included permanent mutilation to this transient season of her life from which she is still trying to heal. Chloe shares how she was first introduced to transgender ideology through her phone on social media and other websites. She then goes on to describe the process of her transition and the subsequent painful realization that she had made a mistake. Chloe and the Moms discuss how the medical industrial complex failed Chloe and her parents. She concludes with how she is fighting back against transgender indoctrination.

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