Duck And Dog Have An Adorable And Unusual Friendship

7 years ago

We've all heard of duck, duck, goose, but what about a game of duck, duck, dog? Initially learned in preschool, the object of this game is to walk in a circle, tapping on each player's head until one is finally chosen and he or she must chase the picker to avoid becoming the next picker.

This adorable animal duo loves chasing each other across the yard, and it looks like they may have invented a brand new game in the process! You won't be able to resist the sheer level of cuteness of this video!

The American Pekin duck seems to hate being the picker in this game, a fact this dog loves to make fun of. A lot faster than this chubby fella, the dog loves to tease and coerce the big white bird into chasing him, but the duck takes a very calm, diplomatic approach to this. He just waits for the dog to come closer, so that he can just pluck it with his beak!

This dynamic duo gets into the Unusual Friendships Hall Of Fame, where two individuals of completely different species get along phenomenally, despite their natural inclinations. Dogs usually love to chase other animals around, whether it’s by hunting instinct and sheer curiosity, but this duck seems to understand this pooch’s need for some harmless fun and he provides just that! Bravo!

We can learn so much from animal friendships! Their friendship is so pure and so unconditional. They don't care anything as long as they are having fun, and that is a lesson people should consider and have in mind because these days people are so judgmental as they don't see who people really are inside they only care how they look and what's their status is!

We are truly amazed by animals every day! No wonder animal videos are the most popular ones on the Internet! We have seen unusual friendships between dogs and cats, cats and birds, birds and ducks…The list is endless! However, have you ever seen a friendship between a dog and a butterfly?
This unlikely friendship between a dog and a buterfly will leave you in awe! It's so adorable!

Prepare to have your heart melted! Penelope, the adorable dog in this video, has made a new friend and they’re a sight for sore eyes. Together, they’re enjoying a beautiful sunny day outside. They are lying on the grass and having a blast. Penelope’s owner cannot believe her eyes. What is happening? We have no clue how this adorable friendship happened, but we don’t want it to stop. Ever.

And we don’t have a doubt in our mind that they will continue their unlikely friendship for a long, long time. The two of them love spending time together! There’s no need to run around or bark when the adorable butterfly is nearby. Absolutely amazing!

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