Speed Of LED Lights: Barracuda Crosskart vs Motorbike

BarcroftCarsPublished: November 30, 201629 views
Published: November 30, 2016

YOU would be forgiven for thinking this is an unreleased scene from iconic sci-fi film Tron. Finnish YouTube stars Stunt Freaks Team have made the Tron races a reality with their latest stunt in which they strapped on LED nights to a motorbike and crosskart buggy while racing in complete darkness on ice and snow. The slick looking video was shot in Imatra, Finland, in sub zero conditions and sees Joonas Salin, 22, who was riding the motorbike, and Antti Leppänen, 26, battle to the finish line. The Stunt Freaks Team have more than 22 million views on YouTube and regularly perform death-defying feats such as driving a snowmobile off the edge of a mountain in Sweden after attaching a parachute to the handle bars.

Videographer / director: Stunt Freaks Team
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

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