Doctors remove stones -- length 30cm and weight 2kg -- from woman's abdomen

NewslionsPublished: November 28, 201617 views
Published: November 28, 2016

Doctors removed three giant stones- the biggest ever found in a human body - weighing 2kg in total and measuring 30cm when lined up together. his is the horrifying moment doctors removed three giant stones totalling 30cm in length from a woman's bladder - using a crowbar.

As they cut through the patients' skin they eventually reach the stones, which are bigger than grapefruits, and have to use a crowbar-like tool to lever them from her body.

The stones weighed 2kg in total, and are said to be the largest and heaviest stones recovered from a person's body.

Dr Rajeev Singh of Narayan Swaroop Hospital in India, who led the team of doctors, said: "This is the largest and heaviest stone removed from a person's body.

"There is a Guinness Book of World Record in the same category that weighs 1.5kg.

"The jury has accepted our application and the evaluation process is on. I am sure this case is going to set a world record.”

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