I am Iron Man - A look into the mind of Tony Stark

ZeeconPublished: November 28, 2016Updated: November 29, 20161 views
Published: November 28, 2016Updated: November 29, 2016

Who is Tony Stark? He is a relaxed, chilled and a laid back genius who loves to sip alcohol and subconsciously look like somewhere in between casual and formal aesthetics.

The way he speaks makes him sound friendly, witty and involved in the situation he is in and wants to lighten the mood whenever he can. Talking is like his defense mechanism and a tool with which he rapidly functions his brain to think about what to do next, but intensely severe situations silence him where he finally doesn’t use his words to think about the next move.

His great mind makes him even more likable but his interest in weapons is quite intriguing and sad at the same time because when he could have been building anything he wanted, he longed to build the killing machines.

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There was a scene in the film when Yinsen asks Tony if he has anyone waiting for him back at home and Tony says no one which made Tony realize that there’s nobody who will genuinely care when Tony’s gone. So perhaps this was the seed for all the actions that Tony takes afterwards because by the end of the film when Tony reveals that he is Iron Man, everyone will now give damn when Tony is gone and this very seed was the inspiration for this video.

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