Breaking History Ep 6- JFK's Africa, Nuclear and Space Policy Revived by Putin and Xi Jinping

4 months ago

This episode of Breaking History on Badlands Media begins with a study of JFK's anti-imperial vision of Africa and his coordination with Pan African leaders who wished to create an industrial and scientific revolution. This policy was tied directly to JFK's space program and his offer to the Russians to create a joint US-Russian space program to break humanity free of the imperial system of 'Mutually Assured Destruction' and the Cold War. We then review JFK's nuclear energy program that was also tied to nuclear rockets and the closing of the nuclear fuel cycle- programs that were destroyed by the Malthusian takeover of the USA under the leadership of the Trilateral Commission. This historic backdrop will give us a greater ability to appreciate the dynamics active today regarding the fight over the African continent's future with a JFK paradigm today represented by leaders of Eurasia, the Russia-Africa Summit in St Petersberg and the upcoming BRICS+ Summit in South Africa can also be better appreciated. British directed deep state operations in South Africa that are interfacing with Victoria Nuland (now assistant Secretary of State) who is landing in South Africa this week will also be discussed.

We end the program with a brief discussion about UFOs which will be unpacked in much greater detail in next week's episode

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