Hippie Donates Hair to Locks Of Love

Published November 26, 2016 78,167 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleSo today was a big day for me! I cut off almost 3 years of hair growth to start over and was able to donate to locks of love! Let it begin! again!

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  • redskin1744, 3 years ago

    I am amazed that these women were not shocked by how beautiful his hair was! Not one single comment, only "do you brush your hair every day". So, I'll say it for them; your hair is what every single woman in the world dreams of having. So healthy, thick, beautiful color, and long! You are somebody's hero for giving them your hair. Thank you for doing what you did.

    1 rumble
    • redskin1744, 3 years ago

      I turned the volume off at 4:02 because the chatter was distracting so, it's possible these women may have said something nice..

      1 rumble