How To Make a Bird Feeder From a Tin Can With a Little Help From Your Dogs

HowlOfADogPublished: November 25, 2016Updated: November 28, 201656 views
Published: November 25, 2016Updated: November 28, 2016

Bird feeders are most attractive to birds in winter, when natural food supplies are very scarce. Placing a feeder in your garden and offering birds nutritious food will help them survive the cold winter season.
The best foods to offer birds in colder weather have a high fat or oil content that will provide abundant energy for winter survival, such as black oil sunflower seeds; other options are: cracked corn, millet, peanuts, cooked rice, halved apples, dry fruit, dry breakfast cereals, bird seed mixtures.
Help them survive the winter, and they’ll delight you with their songs and cute chirping. And it can be an educative activity, too, as a bird feeder will attract a variety of birds in your garden and you’ll get a free lesson in the birds’ habits.
If you place the bird feeder on a tree, make sure the cats won’t reach it.
Note: All the dogs and the cat appearing in the video were rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization.
Starring: Nina, Beldy, Louie, Bruno, Buzu, Rilu (the cat) and the chirping birds from our garden.

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    natstonewolf · 2 years ago

    People,like YOU... And Your ideas make me very HAPPY! thank you from all the wiggle bums over here! :) We will be making some too.!