Tiny Puppy Squeezes Through Door Crack

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Published: November 23, 2016

When you get yourself a pet, there are some rooms in the house that they will not be allowed to enter. It might be the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet and for many reasons - they could make a mess, break things, ruin your clothes or bed sheets...the list could be endless.

People resolve to using puppy gates to keep their pets of these forbidden areas and most of the times they work, but not in this very adorable case!

This puppy is so tiny, he can fit under the door! His owner left him in the other room, but puppy is too tiny and he’s scared, so naturally he tries with all his tiny might to squeeze himself under that crack and be close to his big human! It might be annoying, but he’ll grow out it eventually - literally!

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